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2700 University Ave, Suite 332
West Des Moines, IA 50266

(515) 779-5337


Store Policies

We try not to have too many rules—life's already full of enough, right? That said, there are a few conditions we need to set forth to avoid misunderstandings. Use of any Club B-FIT Fitness Studio service and/or product constitutes acceptance of our conditions.

Involvement in any Club B-FIT service or product constitutes acceptance of the inherent risk of said activity. Purchase and/or attendance in any Club B-FIT service or product constitutes that you are certifying that you are in appropriate health and/or physical condition to undertake said activity. You may want to visit a doctor to ensure you are in appropriate health before undertaking any physical activity.

Attendance & Refunds General Policy

A membership to Club B-FIT is similar to a library membership, car assistance club or video rental membership. When you purchase a membership or service (i.e. personal training, pole fitness, aerial hammock, special event workshop, etc.), you are purchasing the right to attend. THE RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW UP IS YOURS. As such, Club B-FIT DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS of any sort. When you make your purchase, you are indicating that you agree to the class/course/event schedule.

We understand that life is full of surprises—if you run into a problem attending classes during the schedule you purchased, we'll work with you to determine if we can offer you a credit for future services. An example of this could include a medical condition that you have documented with a doctor's note.

In most cases, IF a service credit is issued, the credit must be used within six (6) months of date of issue. Service credits MAY NOT be used towards the purchase of products.

Monthly Memberships

If you choose to be a monthly subscriber, you have complete control over your account via your log-in information you've assigned in Zen Planner. The date you subscribe is the date of your reoccurring  monthly payment. If you have purchased through this site, you can log into your profile to manage your membership.

Membership cancellation requests MUST be requested in writing. Provide a written cancellation request to us 15 days or longer from the date your account is billed monthly (i.e. if your billing date is on the 15th of the month, you must request cancellation by the last day of the prior month in order to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle). OR you may log-in to you Zen Planner profile and cancel your membership yourself. 

Personal Training Sessions

Strict 24-hour notice is required for a training appointment re-schedule. If you do not show up and haven’t given notice, or if you are cancelling last-minute, YOU WILL be charged for the session. Personal training sessions are to be used, at minimum, once per week to ensure training program success. Unless you have made other arrangements with your Club B-FIT trainer, personal training sessions shall expire at the rate of 1 per week or at the rate used, whichever time is shorter (i.e. the max length of an 18-session package is 18 weeks, but if you use it two (2) times per week, it lasts eight (9) weeks).

Pole Parties

At minimum, a deposit must be made before your party date/time is reserved. Full payment must made 7 days out (at minimum) from the date of your party. POLE PARTY DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE as we often have to turn down other interested parties.

If you must re-schedule your party for a different time and/or date, you may do so at no extra cost IF you provide at least 48 hours notice. A re-schedule will be made based on available dates/times. A $50 fee will apply to party dates that change without a 48-hour notice.

Tangible Products

We do not offer direct refunds for products we resell (i.e. home dance poles, etc.). We will, however, work directly with the manufacturer under their specific warranty to obtain satisfaction on your behalf. DOUBLE CHECK the items you order to make sure sizes are correct, as we are unable to offer refunds for mis-ordered items (i.e. you meant to buy a 50mm X-POLE extension, but ordered a 45mm). We are ALWAYS here to assist you in making sure you order the correct items. Just ask.