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2700 University Ave, Suite 332
West Des Moines, IA 50266

(515) 779-5337



Do I need to be registered for classes, or can I just show up?
To ensure all of our students the best personable experience we ask that everyone reserve a space in class at least 4 hours before class time. We want to ensure that we have an appropriate mix of equipment as some classes are more limited than others (Hammock = 8; Pole = 12; all classes other than Pole & Hammock = 20). This will assist our B-FIT Trainers to be extra prepared for the new people as well as making sure we keep classes jazzy, fresh and challenging for those that have been to several classes. Additionally, we have minimum requirements (3 or more) to hold a class, so if there’s a class that doesn't have 3 or more registered, we have the right to cancel that class or we will combine the class with another if feasible. You can show up without registration, but if the class is already full, you’ll have to come back at a different time.

Do I have to register online, or can I call?
From an accuracy and efficiency standpoint, we ask that registrations be completed through our Zen Planner online. In a pinch, if you must handle your registration by phone or in person, please talk to Jen at (515) 779-5337 or email at

When is my class spot reserved?
Classes are first-come, first-serve. Time of payment and registration for a specific class is considered the mark of when you officially have a spot reserved. Because we keep classes small, it is highly recommended that you register for the class you are interested in once you know you want it. If you need to pay in person, please arrive ten (10) minutes early (or call prior to class) so that we are able to start class on time.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Please see the Policies page.

Where are you? What’s your contact info?
Please see the Contact page.

What does "Club B-FIT" mean?
Well, our fitness studio is fun, casual, and social like a club, plus a great place to BE FIT! The "B" also represents the owner's last name, Bramble. 

Pole Fitness

What is pole fitness?
Club B-FIT (formerly Kees Camp) is Iowa’s original, nationally certified pole fitness studio since 2007, when we brought high-quality, certification-based pole fitness to Iowa. Nationally, Club B-FIT is just one of a handful of L6-certified (the highest level) PDIC studios by Fawnia Dietrich’s Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas. Fawnia is widely regarded as a key pioneer in bringing pole fitness to the United States and is the creator of the annual event held in Vegas known as Pole Expo which began in 2012. Jen Bramble, founder of B-FIT, has trained personally with Fawnia, Jamilla DeVille, Alethea Austin, Leigh Ann Rielly, Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Zoraya Judd, Marlo Fisken and many other of the top names in pole fitness. See the Fitness Classes page for more info. In April 2014, Jen was also certified in levels 1 & 2 of X-Pert Pole Certification Program.

Is pole fitness the same as what they do at strip/exotic dance clubs?
It can appear to some as the same style of dance,  just without the stripping, and at B-FIT we place more emphasis on being yourself, feeling comfortable with our bodies and training hard to achieve the art of aerial fitness. We have special event workshops to teach the art of exotic/strip dance, but our day to day group fitness classes are no more than a carefree dance/workout environment. The curriculum is designed to give you a well-rounded cardio, core & strength workout and for many, it’s a fun, safe way to let their hair down and explore the sensual side of the body and mind without judgement or competition. We have the following levels offered — Beginner, Beginner+, Intermediate, Intermediate+, Advanced and Expert. Within each of those levels we'll offer Pole Flow & Pole Tricks & Transitions. Our mixed level classes include Pole Jam and Pole Tricks & Flow.

What type of people come to pole fitness classes?
ALL types of women and men too! Mothers, wives, yogis, daredevils, professionals, college students, make-up artists, etc. Pole fitness offers a unique workout with a magnitude of physical and mental benefits. Men & women of every age, size and ability level attend. If you live in the Des Moines metro area, it could be that your insurance agent, doctor, boss, friend or somebody else you know is also a Club B-FIT pole fitness student.

What if I’m worried I’m not fit enough or don’t have the coordination to do pole fitness?

Many of our students ask (and overcame) this very question in the beginning. You’d be surprised at how many people feel they aren't coordinated and/or lack the fitness level to do pole fitness. We train people of all ages, sizes and ability levels. Our top-level, one-of-a-kind pole fitness curriculum is progressive in nature. It starts with beginner fundamentals in Beginner and increases in difficulty level as you work at your own pace. Our class sizes are intentionally small so you get plenty of personal attention. We are one of a handful of the top-certified PDIC & XPERT pole fitness studios in America and all of our training is based on decades of group fitness teaching, dance & choreography excellence. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

What should I wear to pole fitness class?
You should wear what you are comfortable working out in. You can wear leggings or pants, you can spice up shorts with leg warmers — have fun! We recommend you wear short shorts, as bare legs will grip the pole better, especially when in Beginner + and up. Many go barefoot, but you can also wear heels or non-marking dance shoes, except for certain levels and warmups that are barefoot-only. For your safety and the safety of others, DO NOT wear lotion, oils, rings, bracelets or watches. Lotions make it almost impossible to properly grip the pole, inhibit the learning process, and increase risk of injury. Rings, bracelets, watches, etc. may pose a safety risk, and will certainly damage the equipment.

Aerial Hammock Fitness

What is Aerial Hammock?

At Club-BFit, aerial hammock is our newest off the ground work out! It utilizes a soft fabric hammock suspended a few feet off the ground. We currently offer four different hammock classes. The introductory class, a hammock yoga class, aerial tricks and aerial fit.

What should first timers expect?

For those new to aerial hammock, plan on taking the Intro to Aerial Hammock as your very first class. This class will familiarize you with moving in and around the fabric safely and enjoyably as it prepares you for your choice of aerial tricks, aerial yoga or the strength building, aerial fit class.

What should I wear to a hammock fitness class?

No grommets, zippers or things that might snag the fabric. Hoodie zippers are okay. Cotton fabrics and body hugging styles are the most comfortable. Avoid slippery synthetic fabrics.

If you have an engagement or wedding ring, please leave it somewhere safe. If you cannot remove it, we will tape over it.

Tops: Wear or bring something that covers you underarms, back and shoulders. If you prefer to wear a tank top, bring a cardigan or hoodie. Layers are great. There will be times we work with the fabric at our back and underarms and it is best to protect your skin.

Pants: Fitted leggings or yoga pants work best. They should cover the back of the knees and not fall down easily. Full length or Capri work equally well. Avoid pajama style or bell bottom flare pants as they may get tangled on your feet and in the hammock.

Footwear: We will be barefoot!

What would prevent me from being able to take a hammock fitness class?

Body weight greater than 275 lbs.

Health contraindications:

  • Eye conditions worsened by pressure

  • Heart disease

  • Severe osteoporosis

  • Unmedicated high blood pressure

  • Herniated discs or back injury

  • Botox within the last day

  • Pregnancy

  • Easy onset vertigo

  • Head injury or propensity for fainting

  • Viagra within 6 hours of class




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